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Foot Infection

Foot Infection

Foot infections can be caused by even the simplest foot injuries such as cuts, abrasions, and ingrown nails. Symptoms typically include swelling and tenderness, and at times involve dry cracking skin, cuts, odor, and fever. If left ignored, these symptoms can become much worse. It is a good idea to check your feet daily for any abnormalities before they become a serious issue. The most common treatment for foot infections are antibiotics, either topical or oral.

Our podiatrist will determine the right antibiotic for your condition. It’s also important to monitor the area, and to clean it regularly. Diabetes sufferers are especially prone to foot infections, with about 15 percent of those with diabetes mellitus developing foot ulcerations at some point in their lives. Considering the higher risk of complication and complex nature of care, careful diagnosis and treatment of diabetic infections is of constant importance.

4527 US Highway 9,
Howell, NJ 07731

Existing Patients: (732) 370-1100

New Patients: (732) 276-1369